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Valpolicella, a land of ancient origins, is rich in natural beauty and artistic heritage.

Already in Roman times the territory attracted and fascinated for the harmonious landscape and its tranquility.

Historical monuments of great interest are the palaces and the noble villas of Valpolicella. Especially during the period of domination of the Serenissima Republic of Venice great land estates were formed: The manor houses were transformed into sumptuous villas, decorated by the best artists, theatre of aristocratic and intellectual salons.

There are also numerous artistic and religious testimonies in Valpolicella: architectural jewels are the parish churches of San Giorgio and San Floriano, the hypogeum of Santa Maria in Stelle in Valpantena. Rural churches and parish churches dot the territory, alongside the vast artistic repertoire consisting of popular and rural architecture: heritage consisting of districts, courts, dovetail towers, faces, capitals and fountains, dry stone walls created with technical skills such as to translate into art even work in the fields.


Text from the Consorzio Valpolicella website: visit the page here

Il Giardino degli Ulivi

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